Low Thyroid can be a tricky condition to manage, and what you eat can interfere with your treatment. Some nutrients heavily influence the function of the thyroid gland, and certain foods can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb the replacement hormones you may take as part of your thyroid treatment. There’s no such thing as a “hypothyroidism diet” that will make you well, but eating smart can help you feel better despite the condition. Here are some foods to avoid-

  1. Foods to Avoid in Low ThyroidBroccoli and cauliflower are two of the healthiest veggies you could get your hands on, but when it comes to your thyroid, they can cause hypothyroidism if you eat them on a regular basis. Just like soy, they are one of the highest sources of goitrogens, which can cause a goiter or large lump in your throat where your thyroid is located, or they can simply aggravate an already low thyroid condition. Replace these foods with romaine lettuce, zucchini squash, avocados and asparagus to get in plenty of necessary nutrients and eat foods that support the thyroid. Also, avoid cabbage and Brussels sprouts which are also high in goitrogens.
  2. If you have a thyroid problem and you’re eating wheat or other forms of gluten, you need to stop eating them. Nearly 90% thyroid disorders are autoimmune in nature (that means that about 90% of all hypothyroid patients have an autoimmune disease). There is a strong connection between gluten-intolerance and autoimmune thyroiditis. There are even some doctors who are prescribing a gluten-free diet for all of their patients with thyroid disorders.
  3. Iodine increases the activity of the thyroid gland hence it is necessary to avoid foods containing iodine, if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism.
    • You should avoid seaweeds, kelp and other sea foods which are rich in iodine.
    • You should avoid taking iodized salt as this salt contains excess iodine in them.
  4. Enriched flour contains fewer nutrients than the whole grains and is difficult to get digested. This is a high glycemic food and may disrupt your sugar and hormone level in the blood. Consuming foods with lower glycemic index can restore the healthy hormone levels in the body including thyroid hormone.
    • Replace the enriched pasta, bread, snacks, cereals with 100 % whole grains like brown rice, barley, quinoa, air- popped popcorn, whole wheat breads etc.
  5. Foods to Avoid in Low ThyroidAdded sugars like cane sugar, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup etc add calories and sweetness of the food and cause blood sugar spikes. These sugars have few nutritional benefits. Hear palpitation seen in people with hyperthyroidism can be controlled by improving the blood sugar levels.
    • Avoid food and beverages like soft drinks, pancake syrups, Jam/jelly, cookies, cakes, pastries candy, fat-free frozen yoghurt etc.
  6. Alcohol can disrupt the energy level and worsen the sleep problems associated with hyperthyroidism. Taking alcohol increases the risk of osteoporosis in people with hyperthyroidism. Limit or avoid wine, beer, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

These are a few foods that one should avoid if suffering from hypothyroidism as it can wreak havoc on one’s health and in the long run can cause a lot of problem to the body.

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