What is Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid

Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid is one of our favorite thyroid supports on the market. It aims to help boost a sluggish metabolism and offers support for anyone who suffers from low energy. It can also help alleviate cold hands and feet, and melancholy. Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid takes a homeopathic approach to healing, meaning there is no drug interaction with the body and the unflavored liquid is great as it can be mixed into a drink with no added taste. It is a natural way to promote your body’s natural balance with no side effects, leaving you feeling restored.


  • Calcarea Iodata 6X – promotes thyroid function and support
  • Fucus versiculosus 6X – promotes thyroid function and digestion
  • Kali Iodatum 6X – promotes thyroid function and support
  • Thyroidinum 6X, 12X, 30X – assists thyroid function
  • Calcarea Carbonica 10X – boosts metabolism and helps weight maintenance
  • Causticum 10X – promotes thyroid function and support
  • Ferrum Iodatum 10X, 30X – can help with thyroid function, poor nutrition and exhaustion
  • Natrum Muriaticum 10X, 30X – provides thyroid glandular support

Other inactive ingredients include purified water and USP alcohol.


For those over the age of 16, take 15 drops of Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid under the tongue four times a day. There is a suggestion that results will be better when taken in a clean mouth, but it does not specifically state if toothpaste or mouthwash should be used prior to Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid. Other websites that sell Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid suggest adding the drops to a drink for easier ingestion.


A 10oz bottle of Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid costs $10.99, although a cheaper price may be offered through various other online stores. The bottle will last for approximately two months, making it quite good value for money.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects listed.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid does not offer any form of guarantee. This does not indicate a lower quality product, but it does mean that you take a slight risk when purchasing the product because if it does not work you will be out of pocket. However, there are many positive consumer reviews to indicate the effectiveness of the product.

The Bottom Line

Thyroid Support Unflavored Liquid offers a quality product at a very reasonable price. It may be hard for consumers to look past the lack of guarantee, but the low price should be tempting enough. The fact that it offers a natural, homeopathic approach to restoring the body’s balance with no adverse side effects means it is a great starting point for anyone suffering from thyroid problems such as low metabolism.

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