What is Nutri-Med Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Health Capsules?

Nutri-Med Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Health is a natural, instead of synthetic, thyroid supplement. It claims to help users maintain a healthy thyroid, or it acts as a thyroid replacement for thyroids that have been damaged or removed. It helps perform the functions that a healthy thyroid provides for the human body, such as regulating weight.


The only ingredient used in this product is whole desiccated porcine thyroid concentrate. The thyroid concentrate used in this product comes from porcine that has been raised in a grass-pastured stock and has not been given antibiotics or growth stimulants. The porcine thyroid gland is freeze dried in order to keep the natural ingredients that provide health benefits. Porcine thyroid is used to treat an underactive thyroid. Often it’s used when the thyroid has been damaged by radiation or medication.


The recommended dosage for this product is to take one capsule a day. Although your doctor may recommend a different dosage based on what condition it is being used to treat, your age and weight, and your body’s response to the supplement.


Typically Nutri-Meds Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Health is sold in 90-capsule bottles for $41.95. However, currently this product is not in stock. Currently, Nutri-Meds no longer has a porcine supplier. They hope to find one soon and have the product back on the market soon.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects specifically associated with this product. However, there have been negative reports about using porcine thyroid as a substitute. These side effects include:

  • Sweating
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath

Users taking Nutri-Meds Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Health should not take more than five capsules in one day.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Customers can only return unopened products within 30 days. However, to do so, customers have to request a return merchandise authorization number in order to return a product. When shipping the product back, customers must provide a tracking number. The only case in which the manufacturer will replace all costs is if they send the wrong product.

Customer reviews for these products are unanimously positive.

The Bottom Line

Nutri-Meds Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Health appears to be a great product. Customers are unanimously pleased with this product. They report that this product works fast, and they start feeling better after a couple of days of using it. Customers felt more energized, had improved memory, and saw improvements in their overall health. However, all the reviews for this product are found on the manufacturer’s website, which could mean bad reviews are not included on the site. The price for this product is also excellent. One purchase should last three months if customers are only taking one tablet a day. However, even with taking multiple capsules a day, the product should last awhile.

However, the manufacturer only offers refunds for unopened products, and customers have some hoops to jump through in order to receive the refund. No refunds will be given for unsatisfied customers. More importantly, this product is currently not for sale. Hopefully, Nutri-Meds will have this product on the market again soon, but until then, customers will have to find a different product to use.

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