What is Innate Response Formulas Thyroid Response?

We have reviewed the product Innate Response Formulas Thyroid Response which will help advise customers if the product is worthy enough to be purchased or not. The product is blended with nutrient rich minerals which not only enhance digestibility but is of great nutritional value. It aims to promote the healthy and smooth functioning of the thyroid gland.  It also helps to rejuvenate the thyroid and improves the metabolic function associated with stress, restlessness, and fatigue. The ingredients present in the product help to promote a healthy stress response and also helps to maintain optimum energy levels of the body.


The prime ingredients present in the product are:

The other ingredients present in this product are vegetable cellulose, Guar Gum, vegetable lubricant, silica.

The product is free from gluten, dairy, soy, magnesium stearate, herbicides, and pesticides.


The product’s recommended dosage is two pills per day, or to be taken as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


One bottle of the product Innate Response Formulas Thyroid Response contains 90 tablets. This product is not available directly from the manufacturer’s website, but it is available from different online stores and is priced at around $54.11. Thus, the approximate price of 1 tablet is estimated to be $0.60. The price varies between different stores as different discount deals are available if one goes for bulk purchases.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer’s site does not mention any side effects of this product. Even after a thorough search on other sites, we could not find any mention of side effects for this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The reviews on the manufacturer’s site are overwhelmingly positive. After checking other sources, we also found that the product is fairly popular with the masses. The manufacturer has also stated a number of testing methodologies adopted to verify the product’s quality. The manufacturer has partnered with another vendor for its returns, which allows for a return credit within 30 days if the product does not meet expectations of the customers. However, all returns are subject to a 25% returns processing fee, which is quite an expensive deal.

The Bottom Line

The product’s reviews are fairly positive. It is gluten-free and so is suitable for people allergic to gluten. The manufacturer’s site lists a number of tests it adopts to check the quality of the product but does not explain the process in detail as to how exactly the product targets to accomplish its desired results. It does not list any side effects associated with this product so it is assumed to be a safe one. However, the product appears to be on the expensive side and it does not offer any free trial options. Nonetheless, customers can look out for other products on the market which may be more effective and less expensive than this one.

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