What is Cabot Health Thyroid Health?

Cabot Health Thyroid Health caps are designed to provide the thyroid with the essential nutrients for its proper growth and functioning. The caps works by helping the thyroid hormone to be converted into its active form, T3, which is the functional form of the thyroid hormone. The capsules can be sourced directly from the manufacturer’s website or other online sources like Amazon.


The active ingredient is Selenium which is the compound that is responsible for the conversion of thyroid hormone into T3 form for proper functioning. The main ingredients in this supplement include:

  • Fucus Vesiculosus whole plant (Kelp) – 533mg
  • Selenium – 100mcg
  • Vitamin D3 – 1000IU
  • Zinc Sulphate – 5mg
  • Iodine – 160mcg

Cabot Health Thyroid Health caps are 100% natural and do not contain any artificial colors, additives or flavors.


On the manufacturer’s website, there is no specific number of capsules per day that have been indicated except for the advice that users should use the product as directed by a physician. We would assume that the dosage instructions are available on the label of the bottle.


The product can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website. It comes in bottles containing 120 capsules each. Each bottle is sold for $54. There are no discounts indicated on the manufacturer’s website even for bulk purchases. There are also no monthly, weekly or any frequent delivery services that have been indicated.

Possible Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, the product is 100% safe only when used as recommended. High doses could lead to selenium toxicity which the symptoms for have not been clearly stated on the manufacturer’s website. According to our research on Amazon and other top sellers of the product, we did not find any side effects associated with this product. The product contains selenium which is toxic in doses that go beyond 150 mcg per day. There are no special instructions that have been provided for lactating, pregnant, hypertensive and diabetic people. It is, therefore, good to ask your doctor if you have one of these conditions before taking this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no clear manufacturer’s commitment indicated on the manufacturer’s website. No return and shipping policies have been provided. There is no money-back guarantee that has been provided as well. There is, however, a phone number that clients can call directly if they have any issues regarding shipping and delivery.

The Bottom Line

We could not find any reviews for this product on the manufacturer’s website. This may indicate that the product is not widely used. The main drawback of this product is that there is no money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. This could show the level of confidence that the manufacturer has in their product. The price is also very high for people who are supposed to use this product on a long-term basis. There are other products on the market that explain the details of their product more efficiently and which come with a money-back guarantee.

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